stop and consider God’s wonders



“stop and consider God’s wonders” Job 27:14

I was reading my devo and when I came to this verse I stopped. How often to I just sit and consider how amazing my God is? How he made the earth and the skies and all of my new friends and this wonderful campus I’m attending. With all of this sudden change I have taken little time to just stop and think about “wow my God did this”. I get caught up in class, homework, and all kinds of activities. I feel like in this day and age everyone is always going, anyone hardly takes the time to just sit and look at His wonders. Appreciating everything He has made can be one of the most amazing ways to see God and His works. Whether you live up in the mountains, down by the beach, or anywhere in between (yeah! Oklahoma!) He made every beautiful thing around you. He made the clouds and the sun, the moon and the stars. He created sun rises and sunsets. Wildflowers and bumblebees. He made buffalo! So last weekend me and my boyfriend packed up and drove to the Witchitas and spent the day admiring all of the amazing things the Lord has made for us. Which we got to see some pretty cool buffalo! I encourage you to take some time out of your day to go outside and enjoy all of the beautiful creations God has made. And take time to appreciate all of the people he put into your life as well. Our God is such an AMAZING God! So why not make time to appreciate everything He has done for you?! On busy days it seems as if my quiet time is the first thing to go, why is it that he can give me such an amazing life but I can’t give him 15 minutes of my day? Lord I pray for obedience and better time management. I pray to crave you more and become bold for you. I pray that I surround myself with others that will not only build me up but build you up in the process. I pray that I am continuously shining for you.

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p.s. how cool are these pictures? check out my boyfriend/photographer- Insta: jaredwilliamkinley or etsy:


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