Faith like Horton


“I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an Elephant is faithful one-hundred percent!”

What would it be like to live faithfully one hundred-percent? Sometimes I wish I could be an elephant, or at least have the faith of one. Now this might sound silly, but you can learn a lot from this Dr. Seuss movie. I have always been a Seuss fan, but when this movie came out my love for his stories grew. I have probably seen this movie ten times, and yes I do own my own copy. This isn’t just a movie about an elephant finding a tiny world on a clover. Its a story about unfailing faith. No matter who looked down on Horton, he never doubted his faith in this little speck.

Now let me tell you why I love this so much. First he heard a tiny voice, and instead of running away he began to investigate trying to figure this out, not questioning this voice but believing in it. How easy is it to run away from something unknown or virtually invisible? When God asks you to do something scary how easy it to instead of following his word to run in the opposite direction? I mean, just check out Jonah! It isn’t always easy to follow Jesus, but if it were easy then there would be no point.

He knew he needed to get this clover to a safe place. And so he began his journey all the way up to the top of Mt Nool. Without question he began his adventure. This wasn’t just a walk in the park, it was dangerous and long. He was courageous and brave. Without thinking twice he knew what he had to do. What if that little voice was God telling you what you were called for? Be courageous and brave. Go without second guessing.

When everyone was persecuting Horton he never doubted. He didn’t throw away the clover, or his faith, when they tied him up. He was willing to give up EVERYTHING for what he believed in. Imagine everyone, even those you love, turning on you because of your faith? What do you do? Do you fall into the worldly expectations and run from your faith? Or do you do as Horton did and fight? I want to believe that I would fight. Give it all that I got and give up anything to keep my faith in Jesus Christ, but if things got hard enough would I really be willing to give it all up?

Listen to the Lord and have faith like Horton. Unfailing, undeniable faith. Because if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains.

Thank you so much for reading!


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