he loves you, thats it


What if having a relationship with God was as simple as “he loves you”? Would more people be Christians? Would it make your walk easier? Well it is that simple.

Last year I was a cabin leader for a group of girls for my church’s middle school camp and I was with the rest of the leaders, we were looking over the lessons we were supposed to teach our middle school kids in our cabins and they were quite difficult. These lessons weren’t exactly planned for middle schoolers, I said something a long the lines of “why can’t we just tell them ‘Jesus loves you’? why can’t it be that simple?” Someone looked at me and said “well it is that simple, we are the ones that complicate it. If we just believe that he loves us then the rest will come.”

At first I didn’t know what they meant. But it’s true. It IS that simple.

Just think, if you knew how much He loved you and you just loved Him back the rest would come. You would want nothing more than to radiate love and completely give your live over to Him. But why don’t we? We treat Him as an earthly human being instead of the great Father and Creator He is. We expect Him to “earn our trust” and “prove himself” when really we are the ones that aren’t worthy of His great and unwavering love. All we have to do is believe in His love and love Him back. You will crave to know Him better.

Think of one thing you love more than anything else in the world, now multiply it by a million and He loves you more than that. He loves us deeper than the oceans. And higher than the mountains. How amazing is that? He loves us more than we can comprehend so why do we complicate it? For everyone I feel like it is a different answer…maybe you are comfortable in how life is, you don’t have “time”, or you are just simply too afraid of giving your life and control to someone greater. I know it can be hard, but just think how much he loves you. Pray about it and love him. Being a christian is more than doing the right thing and going to church. It’s a lifestyle. It’s how you treat others. It’s radiating Jesus to those around you. And above all it’s your relationship with Him.

Just remember, He loves you.

Thank you so much for reading! See you Thursday (:


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