Sunscreen, Sweat, and Bug Spray

I am a firm believer that the best days end with the smell of sunscreen, sweat, and/or bug spray. This summer I am trying to get as many of those days as I possibly can! So here is the first (of many) of my summer adventures 🙂

I was hiking in Natural Falls Park this week and it was one of those days. It was a long drive out there (good think I long road trips, right?) and man oh man was it worth it. We spent the day hiking and admiring God’s great work in this beautiful state. This was such a gorgeous place with amazing waterfalls, creeks, trails, and a lake. I have fallen in love with hiking and seeing the nature around me.

When hiking you have lots of time to think and appreciate the nature around you, and this might be one of my favorite parts of it. My phone died on the way up to Natural Falls and I couldn’t be more thankful. I think the saying “stop and smell the roses” is a bit overlooked. This day I got to stop and enjoy nature and the beauty it brings. If we would just stop for a bit I think we would appreciate everything a little more. As you can guess, that day ended in the smell of sunscreen, sweat, and bug spray…so you can say it was pretty wonderful.

I enjoyed everything about this trip…except the snake I got a glimpse of. But wow God is good and he makes wonderful things, so go out and see some of them! (but leave your phone at home) Happy Summer!

Starting next week I am going to (TRY) to post every Monday and Thursday. Thank you SOOOO much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!!

Photography by my lovely boyfriend, Jared Kinley. (Doesn’t he do such a great job?!)

IMG_2563.JPG IMG_2560.JPG IMG_2554.JPG IMG_2553.JPG


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